Export of Goods from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates: A Strong Trade Bridge Between Two Countries
Export of Goods from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates: A Strong Trade Bridge Between Two Countries In the globalized world, trade constitutes a significant aspect of economic relations between nations. Turkey, with its economic diversity and dynamism, engages in the export of goods and services to numerous countries, while the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands out with regional leadership, luxury consumption, and financial prowess. The strong trade bridge between these two countries allows for the successful export of products from various sectors in Turkey to the UAE market. 1. Two Powerful Economies in Trade Despite having different economic structures, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates possess characteristics that complement each other. The diversity in Turkey's industrial, agricultural, and service sectors enables the export of products matching the demands of the UAE in sectors such as energy, finance, and construction. The economic growth goals of both countries encourage further increases in mutual trade. 2. Focus Areas of Export There are some distinct focus areas in the export of goods from Turkey to the UAE. Construction materials, textile products, automotive spare parts, electronic goods, and food products are among the sectors where Turkish companies exhibit a strong presence in the UAE market. Additionally, significant projects undertaken by Turkish construction companies in the UAE further strengthen this trade relationship. 3. Advantages and Challenges of Trade The export of goods from Turkey to the UAE offers various advantages to both sides. Strong diplomatic relations, geographical proximity, trade liberalization agreements, and logistical ease are among these advantages. However, challenges such as cultural differences, language barriers, local regulations, and specific market demands also exist. Successful trade should focus on understanding and overcoming these challenges. 4. Future Perspective The future of the trade relationship between Turkey and the UAE looks highly positive. Trade agreements, economic forums, and joint projects between the two countries contribute to further strengthening this partnership. Particularly, the potential for collaboration in sustainable energy, technology, and innovation can facilitate the acceleration of trade in the future. In conclusion, the export of goods from Turkey to the United Arab Emirates creates a robust trade bridge, contributing to the economic development of both countries. This trade relationship can further strengthen with mutual understanding, collaboration, and a long-term perspective.        
Antalya'dan Dubai'ye Uçan Kanatlar: Haftanın hergünü direk uçuşlar
Antalya to Dubai: Wings Flying from Antalya to Dubai with Direct Flights Every Day In today's globalized world, travel has become more accessible. Vacationers, business travelers, and adventure seekers prefer airplanes to explore different geographies. While Antalya is known for its breathtaking natural beauty embraced by the sun and sea, Dubai is recognized for its modern architecture, luxury shopping opportunities, and cultural diversity. Flights from Antalya to Dubai connect these two different worlds, offering unforgettable experiences to travel enthusiasts. Passengers wishing to fly from Antalya to Dubai typically choose Antalya Airport, located on the southern coast of Turkey. This airport is known for its modern terminal facilities and services that comply with international standards. Antalya Airport is connected to Dubai through direct flights operated by Turkish Airlines (THY) and many other international airlines. SunExpress offers direct flights from Antalya to Dubai three times a week. Similarly, Pegasus Airlines also provides direct flights to Dubai three times a week. Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates. Flights to this city usually land at Dubai International Airport, which boasts being one of the busiest airports globally, offering passengers extensive shopping, dining, and relaxation options. The flight duration for direct flights is typically between 4 to 5 hours. This duration may vary depending on the airline, weather conditions, and route details. Flights from Antalya to Dubai are operated with modern aircraft equipped with comfortable seats, meal services, and entertaining content. Passengers flying from Antalya to Dubai usually have various purposes for their travels, such as tourist excursions, business meetings, or family visits. When Dubai's towering skyscrapers, shopping malls, and cultural activities meet Antalya's warm beaches and historical riches, it creates an unforgettable travel experience. In conclusion, flights from Antalya to Dubai establish a bridge from the south of Turkey to the shining star of the Middle East. These flights bring together different cultures, offering travelers a unique perspective and a fantastic opportunity to discover the beauty of both cities.        
United Arab Emirates: Official Holidays, Cultural Riches, and Marked Days
United Arab Emirates: Official Holidays, Cultural Riches, and Marked Days The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in the Middle East known for its dazzling modernity, rich culture, and dynamic economy. This nation provides visitors and its local population with various official holidays that offer a glimpse into its cultural depth. These holidays are organized to celebrate the history, traditions, and society of the UAE. Here are some significant official holidays celebrated in the United Arab Emirates: 1. Mawlid al-Nabi (Mawlid): Celebrated in the Islamic world, Mawlid al-Nabi commemorates the birth of Prophet Muhammad. This religious holiday varies according to the Islamic calendar and is marked by religious activities, prayers, and communal worship. 2. New Year's Day (January 1): Reflecting its cultural diversity, the UAE also observes international holidays such as New Year's Day. This day is usually welcomed with special events, concerts, and vibrant fireworks displays across the cities. 3. Isra and Mi'raj: Determined by the Islamic calendar, this occasion marks the night when, according to Islamic mythology, Prophet Muhammad was taken to the Al-Aqsa Mosque. This religious holiday is celebrated with prayers, worship, and public events. 4. Sha'ban Kandil: One of the important days in the Islamic calendar, Sha'ban Kandil is welcomed with prayers and worship by the Islamic community. Muslims spend this night praying for forgiveness and blessings. 5. Arafat Day: A significant day for Muslims performing the Hajj pilgrimage, Arafat Day is when pilgrims gather at Mount Arafat for collective prayers. It holds great religious importance. 6. Hijri New Year: The new year according to the Islamic calendar is referred to as the Hijri New Year. Muslims consider this day as a new beginning and the start of a new era. 7. UAE National Day (December 2): Commemorating the union of the UAE, this important day is celebrated to mark the country's establishment. Colorful displays, festivities, and official ceremonies characterize this day of unity. Official holidays in the United Arab Emirates not only reflect a rich cultural heritage but also bring society together for collective celebration. These holidays emphasize the history, values, and social unity of the UAE while conveying a message of openness and tolerance to local and international communities.        
2020 annual real estate tax in Turkey
Turkey is a popular destination for a comfortable and versatile holiday among citizens of Russia and other countries. Also, most people consider the Eastern country to change their place of residence. That is why the question of buying housing in Turkey is relevant for a large number of citizens of the Russian Federation. Of course, when deciding on the purchase of real estate in another state, it is important to have an up-to-date market situation, as well as to have an idea of taxation and further cash costs for maintaining square meters.
Land purchase, what to look for
An easy way to become the owner of a property in the Republic of Turkey and to obtain a residence permit in a resort country is to buy an apartment or house. Most people dream of their dream home, so the implementation of the plan begins with the purchase of a land plot. Although in Turkey there are no standard layouts, and the owner at the stage of building an apartment in a new building can independently choose any arrangement of rooms that he likes, all the same, sometimes you want something individual.
Pensioners in Turkey - how do they live?
Not only youth and couples with children come to Turkey for permanent residence, but also people of retirement age. It is worth noting that the number of Russian pensioners in Turkey is increasing every year. Today in the Eastern country, several large micro-districts have been rebuilt, where only people of retirement age live.
Work in Turkey 2020 and a turquoise card for foreign workers
A few years ago, Sunny Turkey was considered only as a wonderful place to relax. But, with the intensive development of the economy of the resort country, today an increasing number of foreigners come to this state with the aim of earning and moving to a permanent place of residence. This fact is due to the presence of:
Turkey’s inheritance and inheritance law
The number of foreigners purchasing real estate in Turkey is growing every year. Most people of retirement and pre-retirement age move to the Republic of Turkey for permanent residence. This contributes to the mild climate of the country and a high standard of living. Quite often the question arises about how the inheritance is transferred in Turkey in the event of the death of a foreigner who, during his lifetime, owned property, or an account with a banking institution in a resort country.
Compulsory health insurance in Turkey, what is the difference between insurance for foreigners and Turks?
Health is one of the important aspects of every person’s life. For this reason, all foreigners moving to permanent residence in Turkey are concerned about the issue regarding local rules regarding health insurance. Compulsory health insurance must be issued by all foreigners who apply for a residence permit and are included in the age group from 18 to 65 years old. When applying for a residence permit for a year or two, medical insurance is compulsory for the same period.
The rights of foreign children in Turkey
Foreign citizens who come to the Republic of Turkey to relax comfortably have the full right to permanent residence in the country. All foreigners can get a residence permit, except for violators of the law and visa regime. It is permissible to obtain a residence permit upon purchase of any real estate object located in the territory of the resort state. If you have decided to move to a permanent residence in the Republic of Turkey, but are worried about how your children adapt to life in another country, it is worth noting that no worries.
How to transport your favorite pets by plane to Turkey?
Many foreign citizens planning to relocate to the Republic of Turkey for permanent residence wish to bring their four-legged friends with them. And at this place there is an urgent question: "How to transport your favorite pets by plane?" This process is not complicated, but requires increased attention and the collection of the required documentation package.
Car insurance in Turkey
Car insurance in Turkey consists of CTP (Zorunlu Trafik Sigortasi) and CASCO (Kasko Sigortasi). According to local laws, it is forbidden to drive a car without insurance. For this, the driver is severely punished.
Education in Turkey. Teaching foreign children in Turkish schools
Over the past few years, the government of the Republic of Turkey has been paying particular attention to the education system. The government annually allocates large sums of money for the development and improvement of existing educational institutions, as well as for the construction of new ones.Living in a resort country, you can enjoy plenty of unforgettable natural landscapes, get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the state and learn a lot about local customs.
Which Turkish universities can a foreigner enter easily?
The Government of the Republic of Turkey pays special attention to the educational system. Every year, functioning educational institutions are improved, and new educational institutions are also being built. Turkish universities have qualified and experienced teachers, both local and experts from other countries are invited. Today there are over 200 universities in Turkey. Mostly they are located in Antalya, Ankara and Istanbul.
Sale of Real Estate in Turkey in 2019
Residential real estate sales in Turkey in 2019 amounted to almost 1.35 million objects, which is 2% lower compared to sales in 2018, according to TurkStat, the official statistical agency of Turkey (Turkish Statistical Institute). In general, sales figures for 2019 are less by 26,669 housing units than in the previous year. The primary real estate market accounted for 511,682 sales, which is 37.9% of the total; the number of transactions with secondary housing - 837,047 (62.1%). 45 483 real estate properties were sold to foreign buyers, which is 14.7% more than the same period last year.
Coordination of redevelopment of an apartment or house in Turkey
For citizens of the Soviet Union, it is very important to have a special highlight in the interior of their apartment or house. That is why people of the post-Soviet space, most often modify the standard layout for personal requirements and requests. Thanks to what an individual interior is created, a special atmosphere of coziness and comfort hovers in the house. Redevelopment allows you to remove unnecessary walls, corners and make rooms more spacious and comfortable. As practice shows, the same behavior pattern is also observed when buying a home in foreign countries. People from the former Soviet Union seek to create that unique cosiness they are used to, so they again resort to redevelopment of their own apartment or housing.
Mortgage Rates Reduction in Turkey in 2020
From year to year Turkey strengthens its position as an attractive investment country rich in resort places. The Turkish government and banks are trying to simplify the process of buying a home and make the conditions for obtaining housing loans even more beneficial for foreigners. The procedure for obtaining a mortgage loan in Turkey is regulated by the "Law on Mortgage Lending of Foreign Citizens" dated March 6, 2007. In order to stimulate sales, the 3 largest banks in Turkey: Ziraat Bank, Halkbank and Vakıf Bank lowered their mortgage rates to 0.99% per month. The loan maturity was increased from 10 to 15 years (180 months). The maximum loan amount is determined by each bank individually.
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