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Aleksey and Oksana

I have heard a lot about vacations in Turkey and have wanted to go on a trip for a long time. Spending evenings on the internet searching for interesting places and vacation options for my family, I watched a video by the company ExpertProperty on YouTube with the host and leader Tatiana Güneş about the possibility of buying property and having a comfortable vacation in the sunny cities of Turkey. After contacting the company's specialists and getting comprehensive answers to all my questions about the trip, I was encouraged to go. Upon arrival in Turkey, I was amazed at how the ExpertProperty specialists welcomed us like family and took care of us as if we had known each other for a long time.

What impressed me the most in Turkey was the comfort and amenities of residential complexes: with their own pools, barbecue areas, fitness centers, hammams, saunas, well-maintained areas with exotic plants that are more like comfortable hotels than residential houses. And most importantly, this real estate can be easily purchased with the help of ExpertProperty specialists, and the purchase and registration process won't take too much time, which is also very important. Acquiring property in Turkey provides the opportunity to obtain a residence permit. For Russian-speaking children, there are kindergartens and schools, and many compatriots move here for permanent residence. Living in a warm country, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with a variety of delicious fruits year-round is very appealing.

I can say without a doubt that if anyone is still hesitating about whether to turn to the specialists at ExpertProperty, I will say, "Yes, of course." Believe me, you will make the right choice that will fill your life with bright, pleasant, and positive experiences, and perhaps even change your life. I share my personal pleasant experience of getting to know and already becoming friends with the folks at ExpertProperty.

Aleksandr M.

"I want to express my immense gratitude to the employees of Expert Property company for their assistance in purchasing an apartment. They are very competent specialists, true masters of their craft. The staff is friendly and responsive, always striving to take into account the client's wishes. There is a meticulous verification of the construction company, a thorough check of the land plot on which the property will be built, and an inspection of the property itself, which allows us to confidently say that there are no risks for the property buyer in Alanya. The client receives highly qualified support from the company's employees at every stage, from the initial call to the company to receiving the keys to the apartment, and on top of that, a residence permit for the whole family as a bonus! The key is to call and connect with your specialist. I especially wanted to commend the work of the real estate sales manager, Tofik. He is a top-notch professional and an expert in his field, always finding time for the client, solving any real estate-related issues, and ensuring that every transaction is conducted at the highest level! I would gladly recommend Expert Property to anyone looking to purchase real estate in Turkey."


I want to express my sincere thanks to Expert Property Company, represented by the CEO Mustafa Güneş, and a special thank you to the real estate experts Tofik and Öztekin for their work, attention to each client, and individual approach. The communication with the client was almost 24/7, at any moment I could ask the questions that concerned me, and immediately receive a comprehensive answer, which resulted in everything going smoothly, calmly, without unnecessary worries!

I had been thinking about buying property in Turkey, specifically in Antalya, for a very long time, and I started my search in January 2021. I contacted 9 different real estate companies, talked to CEOs and managers (experts) for comparison. However, I ultimately chose Expert Property Company because of the wide range of properties in different locations, collaboration with the largest developers in Turkey, especially in Antalya, clear and transparent organization of work, legal and language support at all stages of the transaction.

Real estate expert Tofik from Expert Property Company contacted me, we discussed the price and what exactly I wanted (which apartments), and then he immediately sent a lot of property options within my budget. From the first day of our acquaintance, I saw their care for me. They met me at the airport, brought me to the hotel provided by the company, and took care of me throughout the process of signing the purchase agreement. The next day started with a meeting at the office with the staff, a city tour with a map, and visits to the properties. From a multitude of wonderful options, I chose an apartment in the central district of Antalya at the construction stage. Thanks to Tofik's help, bank accounts were opened in the shortest possible time, and the real estate purchase agreement was signed. He took care of all the documents and checks, relieving me of any worries! I am very pleased with the cooperation with Expert Property Company, and specifically with Tofik, and I am very satisfied!

I would also like to mention that the real estate expert talked about all the pros and cons of each property option. Maybe this is not the conventional sales approach, but it is the right approach from a human perspective towards work. In addition, after the realization of the property, Expert Property Company does not leave its clients to fate. So, there are five months left until the completion of the construction, and there is a lot of work ahead - arranging the housing, which will be helped by another employee of the company, Öztekin-bey, an expert in after-sales service.

I want to highly recommend Expert Property Company, they found exactly what I was looking for! The company provides full support, from transfer to booking apartments and signing contracts. It is very pleasant to work with people who love their job so much and find an approach to the client. The main principles of the company's work are complete dedication, professionalism, love for their work, dedication to clients, and most importantly, reliability!

You couldn't dream of a better real estate expert! I sincerely advise you to contact Tofik for buying and selling real estate. He is business-minded, experienced, a professional in real estate, multilingual, and simply a conscientious person.

I hope to continue cooperation with Expert Property Company, represented by Mustafa Güneş, based on the established full trust. I sincerely wish the whole team success and good luck in their future work. Once again, thank you very much to everyone I communicated with! I will recommend all of you to everyone!


Aida, I want to express my gratitude to you and the entire Expert property team for the work done. In the process of work, I received full clarifications on any issue. The paperwork in Turkish, which I do not speak, was alarming at first, but with your help everything was done competently and very quickly. You are a specialist in your field, with whom it is easy, comfortable and pleasant to work! Thank you so much!!! Irina.


In the spring of this year we started looking for an apartment to buy in Antalya. The question came up for better health. (Rehabilitation after surgery). 
Among the many real estate companies, we chose the company ExpertProperty.  And we were not mistaken. Throughout the work of the entire team felt professional and coordinated, friendly and open. I would especially like to note the case manager Aida. Calm and balanced, patient, competent, with a sense of tact, who did not refuse to address emerging issues at any time. Special thanks to my supervisors. I hope to keep in touch with them for a long time. I would like to note especially Oztekinbey the manager of after-sales service for his professional support after the purchase of an apartment to choose furniture and appliances, down to the smallest detail. I can confidently recommend this company to people who want to buy property in Turkey. 
I wish them health, prosperity and to always be in the forefront of the real estate market! 
With respect Karlygash.


My first experience of buying real estate in Turkey turned out to be a complete fiasco ... the search for the most profitable option and the desire to buy "cheaper but good" almost cost me a part of the loss of money, I no longer mention the time and nerves spent ... I was on the verge in order to abandon their venture and invest in something more familiar and understandable, where they speak their native language.
And then I turned to Expert Property and I want to express my deep gratitude for the patience, care, sincere participation and assistance provided to us in all matters related to real estate and not only it. Guys, you are great fellows! I wish you good luck and prosperity.


We learned about Expert Property through acquaintances, the same satisfied apartment owners as we are now))
Therefore, we did not have any fears about fraud or anything like that.
When selecting options, the manager took into account everything - location, quality of construction, infrastructure around the complex, layout, and even which side the windows will face. We went through a lot of them, but the manager Tatyana patiently told and showed new objects, which each time more and more suited our model of a dream house. We chose, drove in and live, every day discovering new things for ourselves in this wonderful country!
Service FROM and TO. We put 10 stars out of 5, and advise everyone))


I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Expert Property team and especially Tofik.
The quality of service and the efficiency of the managers' work speaks of the great experience and professionalism of the company. Initially, the procedure for buying real estate abroad seemed complicated and incomprehensible to me, but Tofik answered competently and clearly and told all the details and processes of this really simple case. I am very glad that in Turkey I now have my own person who can help with any issue at any time of the day. Thanks again to the entire Expert Property team for their attentiveness, kindness and sensitivity as Partners!


An autumn vacation in Turkey prompted us to purchase housing. Thanks to Expert Property, our journey ended with the purchase of an apartment. Thanks to the professionalism and experienced team of employees, we got the apartment in a short time. Many thanks for the solution and help on many issues that arose in the process of our appeal to Natalia. For her patience and willingness to answer any question, for her support even after the deal.
We wish you prosperity and development of Expert Property
 and her team!
We recommend Expert Property as a reliable and professional partner!


hat evening, I was browsing the Internet and accidentally stumbled upon a banner with an advertisement, from which a pleasant girl was looking at me in a friendly and somehow kind manner, who immediately answered my call and agreed to meet with me. It was Tatiana. We met, and Tatiana competently laid out the process of buying and registering real estate in Turkey.


We sincerely thank Expert Property for their professionalism and decency!
Thanks to the competent work of Tatiana's sales manager, we were able to purchase our own cozy home in this wonderful country.
We were also very pleased with the free after-sales service, that is, after you buy an apartment, no one forgets / ignores you (as is often the case in sales), and everything treats your affairs with the same responsibility. We can contact the manager at any time and turn to him for advice and help if I need them.
The post-sales service includes everything - the registration of all invoices, residence permits (from and to), the purchase and selection of furniture with appliances, and household goods.

Aiman ve Kulchera

We would like to thank the Expert Property real estate agency.
Our dream has come true !!!
Thanks to the high professionalism of the heads of the agency Mustafa and Tatiana, we bought two 3 + 1 apartments.
We are also very grateful to the sales manager Tofik for his knowledge of his business, for efficiency and quick response and for help at all stages of purchasing apartments. All our wishes were taken into account, the apartments meet all our requirements. We also want to note that from the first day we met him, we were surrounded by attention and care, a kind attitude towards ourselves and enjoyed communication. Special thanks to Oztekin for the post-sales service.

We recommend contacting the Expert Property real estate agency, where you will be greeted with warmth and soul
Good luck in job. Thank you very much and see you !!!
Ayman and Gulchira.

Natalia Saprykina

I have been preparing for the purchase of real estate in Turkey for a year!
Looking through the information about the cities of Turkey, I clearly understood that I want to live not in a resort town, but in a large metropolis. The choice deliberately fell on Istanbul. I have 2 children, and it was important for me that the area where we will live is as close as possible to educational institutions and kindergartens. Having collected all the available information, I began to contact real estate agencies. The guys from ExprtProperty were the first to answer my request.
I would like to express my gratitude to Tofik, Sevda and Mr. Gunesh.
Tofik is an excellent manager who knows his job, a caring and responsive specialist. He helped me with the choice of the apartment itself, took into account all my needs and possibilities: location, proximity to educational institutions, the cost of housing.
Mustafa Gunesh and Sevda were involved in the process of obtaining a mortgage and the apartment itself. They greatly facilitated many processes for me, because I do not know either the language or the nuances of legislation.
Even with the passage of time, I continue to contact these wonderful people on many issues of life in Turkey and get answers to all my questions.
Thank you guys - you are super! I have never regretted that I turned to ExprtProperty.
I wish you success and prosperity! Yours Natalia Saprykina.


I am very happy to have my man in Antalya. Tatyana Gunesh, thank you very much.
Hello, Tatyana  . We were very pleased with your services and would like to place your feedback on your page. Review: Thank you very much Tatyana Gunesh, thanks to her competence and attentiveness, which initially seemed complicated, the procedure for choosing and buying an apartment in Antalya took us surprisingly little time and effort.
I would especially like to thank Tatiana for her patience and willingness to answer any, many questions. Even after the transaction ended, she remained in touch with us and we could count on her support. Everyone who is going to buy property in Turkey sincerely recommend Tatyana Gunesh and Expert Property, as reliable and attentive partners.

Lilya, Kazakhstan

Tatyana, thank you very much for the qualified help, professionalism and work done! Thank you for finding us a beautiful complex and choosing the best apartment for us. We were very pleased with everything! You are a competent realtor and you took part in realizing the human dream)) Once again, thank you for your services, for the excellent business and human qualities!
Thanks Expert Property!


Our journey to Antalya began with a little difficulty at the airport - we could not find our stroller because of what we lost an hour. Despite this, Tatyana searched for us at all terminals and waited until the last, for which we are grateful to her in the first place. Tatyana and I considered all the options that were suitable for us, and, as it seemed to me, we selected the best options for us according to our criteria. At each facility, Tatyana and who joined us answered all the questions, sometimes of the same type, and sometimes asked in the second round, with patience and, most importantly, with interest. In the interval between the sites, Tatyana was happy to answer all our questions about Turkey. Tatyana proved herself not only as a professional, but also as a wonderful person, and this plays an important role for us. We want to express gratitude to sunny Antalya, the company and the Expert Property team, you are an excellent specialist and person, thank you!


I want to thank the leading Expert Property agency! I am very glad that I met an experienced employee Tatyana with a capital letter, which is pleasant, friendly and responsive.
Tatyana helped me in resolving all issues related to the purchase of real estate, thanks to her professionalism, she helped me choose an apartment for my budget, and in a short time. I happened to be in the agency’s office more than once, the staff are experts in their field, pleasant and responsive.

I wish your company prosperity and all the best !!!


Huge thanks to the real estate agency Expert Property and personally to the expert Aida Sartbaeva for high professionalism in the selection of suburban property, for the impeccable organization of work, reliability and focus on results. This is the best real estate agency I met in Antalya, where they take into account all your wishes and where you will be given a highly professional support specialist. Aida Sartbaeva is a knowledgeable and experienced professional. Aida has not only a large amount of professional knowledge, but also excellent personal qualities: kindness, decency, personal culture, charm, the ability to communicate, listen and hear the client. It is a pleasure to do business with this person!
I wish you success and further prosperity!


Dear friends, I highly recommend ExpertProperty  as a very reliable and conscientious company. The employees of the company are very helpful and honest. They have extensive experience not only in real estate matters, but also in all areas of integration of people in Turkey. I am very glad that I chose this company and purchased an apartment with their help, thereby relieving myself of many factors and nuances that I could not solve myself. Many thanks to Tatyana and Mustafa for their help and warm communication. I give them 5 stars.

Mustafa Gunes

Mustafa Gunes

Chief Executive Officer
  • +90 532 433 3663

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